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Fireplaces gas

We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke gas fireplaces.Gas fireplaces and stoves can run off natural gas, propane or butane.
They can be decorated with ceramic, stone or glass logs and they can be finished in plaster, stone, steel or wood.
We have extensive experience in all types of finishings.
We carry out everything from fireplace design to the gas installation (authorised installers), as well as the finishing and commissioning of the fireplace.

Devices that run on gas:• Indoor with or without glass, in all sizes
• Outdoor
• Inset cassettes
Gas fireplaces can be enclosed (with glass) or atmospheric (without glass).
All gas fireplaces require a flue system to evacuate gases to the outside.
Gases can be extracted vertically, horizontally or under the flooring to the outside.
Enclosed fireplaces (with glass) allow for different methods of extracting the gases to the outdoors.
• Vertically up to the roof
• With a horizontal exit through the wall
• Atmospheric fireplaces (without glass) require a vertical flue to the roof
Gas fireplaces and stoves, in addition to their aesthetic value, provide great functional value, as their heating power means that they heat the room as well as decorate it.
It is recommended that gas devices are inspected by an authorised installer every two years.
At Clima Difusión we provide this after-sales service to our customers at a very competitive price.

Las de gas, a parte de su valor estético, tienen un gran valor funcional ya que su potencia calorífica les permite calentar a la vez que decorar.

Se aconseja una revisión cada dos años de estos aparatos de gas a manos de un instalador autorizado.

Catalogues: Click on the logos to access the catalogues.

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