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Wood Burning Fireplaces

At Clima Difusión we specialise in the manufacture of bespoke wood-burning fireplaces. We offer a wide range of devices that run off wood and coal:


• Stoves
• Cassette stoves

Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves:

Fireplaces and stoves are made up of two parts:
• The hearth
• The fireplace

The hearth may be a simple opening made of heat-resistant material, or it may be a ventilated metal box, grate and ash pan (also called a cassette or inset). The metal box may be open or closed with a glass door. Stoves are made from cast iron or steel.
The flue of a fireplace is hidden by a hood or recessed into the wall, and it can be used to discretely distribute the heat to other rooms. The flue of a stove is often left on show, although it may also be hidden.

Open wood-burning fireplaces:

Despite the charm of an open fireplace, where you can see the wood burning without any visual impairment, the output is very poor. This is because the fireplace is subject to excessive draw. Too much cold air enters the fire and the combustion gases escape quickly. This doesn’t allow time for heat to be exchanged with the room. At best, the achieved output is just 20%.

Wood-burning stoves, closed fireplaces and cassettes:
By simply controlling the quantity of air entering the combustion chamber, you can achieve a spectacular increase in output, easily reaching 60%. As the hot gases stay in the chamber for longer, a higher temperature is achieved, contributing to better combustion, and allowing time for heat to be exchanged in the room. With modern designs, it is common to achieve an output of 70% or more.
In order to increase output, some cassettes and stoves are fitted with fans. In exchange for a minimal electricity expense, these fans help to transfer heat at much greater speeds (35W). They are also used to push warm air into other rooms. (Please note that fans generate ambient noise.)

Boiler fireplaces:
The main difference between boiler fireplaces and other types of fireplaces is that they are fitted with a water tank which is used to heat the home and the domestic hot water. The major advantage of this type of fireplace is that with normal use of the fireplace, you can also heat all the radiators in the home and you can heat your water without any additional consumption or cost, achieving a saving of between 60 and 65% on heating.
We are able to install boiler fireplaces in combination with other energy sources, including traditional gas or oil, solar energy, geothermal, pellets, etc., and they can be combined with all types of heat emitters (radiators, under-floor heating, convectors, etc.)


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