chimeneas eléctricas-climadifusion
chimeneas y estufas de pellet-climadifusion
chimeneas y estufas de pellet-climadifusion

Pellet Fireplaces and Stoves


Pellet fireplaces and stoves burn biomass fuel.

Biomass is a group of energy products and renewable raw materials that originate from biologically formed organic material.

Biomass is a renewable energy that is generated by the photosynthesis of plants.

We offer a wide range of devices that run on pellets:

  • Stoves
  • Cassette stoves
  • Boilers

Basic pellet fireplaces and stoves, with one fan, can heat one room or two adjacent rooms.

By using a network of ducts, pellet stoves can heat several different rooms with just one device.


All pellet stoves, whether warm air or water (boilers), operate in a similar way.

The stoves have various heat sensors and the desired temperature can be entered using a control panel or remote control.

The operating system is very similar to that of an air conditioning unit.

The stove emits heat from three channels:

  • Front ventilation
  • Window of the combustion chamber
  • Base

The only part of the stove that gets hot enough to burn is the glass on the window.

It very important to use the control panel or the remote control to turn the stove off. You should never cut the air flow before the stove has been turned off.

At Clima Difusión, we specialise in the installation and sales of pellet fireplaces and stoves. Therefore, we are able to offer you the best advice that can be found in the city of Barcelona.

We also offer a wide variety of brands and the latest developments in design and technology.


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chimeneas y estufas de pellet-climadifusionchimeneas y estufas de pellet-climadifusionchimeneas y estufas de pellet-climadifusion