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Bespoke Fireplace Surround

A bespoke fireplace surround is the decorative finish that will give your fireplace its own personality.

At Clima Difusión  you will find all types of surrounds and finishes for your fireplace:

  • Classic: wooden, plaster and marble fireplace surrounds
  • Adapted classic: bespoke surrounds with stone and natural resins
  • Modern: brass or iron

We specialise in wrought iron fireplace surrounds, crafted by ourselves, with spectacular finishes including natural black, brass and many others.

All surrounds can be painted using different colours, allowing each customer to add their own personal touch.

When we think about fireplace surrounds, traditional wood or stone surrounds often come to mind. But now, ranges include more modern, sustainable designs that are more in line with the latest trends in décor.


For every corner of your home, we have a decorative or functional solution that can be adapted to your taste and completed with the best professional finishes.

Visit our blog to find out more about the latest trends.

Cada rincón de tu hogar, una solución decorativa que se adapte a tu gusto, sea funcional y con el mejor acabado profesional.

Visita nuestro blog para saber más sobre las las últimas tendencias.


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