chimeneas de bioetanol-climadifusion
chimeneas de bioetanol-climadifusion

Fireplaces Bioethanol

Bioethanol fireplaces do not require a flue system to evacuate gases to the outside, making them extremely versatile devices. 

They do not have a high heating power and are often used as a decorative element either indoors or outdoors.

Most bioethanol fireplaces are manually ignited, but they also offer the possibility of automatic or remote ignition.

Bioethanol fireplaces can be decorated with ceramic logs. Stone is not advised.


Bioethanol is a biofuel and, as such, it is renewable.

Biofuels are environmentally friendly fuels. The main advantage of using biofuels is that they reduce the emissions of the greenhouse gases that heat the earth's surface and accelerate climate change.

This type of fireplace contains a burner, which is also the container for the biofuel and it requires manual refilling. Inside the container, there is often an absorbent material that soaks up the fuel and helps it to burn.


Prices for these types of fireplaces vary greatly as their composition can greatly differ depending on the quality of the materials used. It is important to be rigorous when selecting this type of product as there are certain minimum safety standards stipulated by the European Community, and not all fireplaces found on the market meet these standards.


Clima Difusión only works with fireplaces that have been approved by the European Community.

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